Why SaaS Apps are the future?

Software as a Service(SaaS) is one of the service models of cloud computing. In SaaS, all the resources are handled by the service provider, and the user has access to only the user interface of an application. To understand SaaS perfectly, you need to know about cloud computing and its resources. Read our introductory article on cloud computing.

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What is SaaS in cloud computing?

Software as a Service or SaaS in cloud computing is just a technical term for the software or applications we are using online. We all know about Netflix, Amazon Prime, Semrush, Ahref, Gmail, Google Drive, etc. These applications and many more are examples of SaaS because they offer software to end-users over the Internet.

In SaaS, All the resources are controlled by the vendor, and end-users use the application on a subscription basis. The SaaS cloud services are easy to use as we don’t need to install them on our PC or smartphone. Only a browser is enough to use these applications.

SaaS applications execute on the cloud servers. Our system only needs a good internet connection to use the application. Whenever we perform any action in the application, our system sends the request to the server. The server executes the request and sends a response to the application. Our system receives the response and displays it to us. All the computation and execution is done on the cloud server.

Popular Software as a Service applications

Canva– Canva is a very simple graphic design platform. You can create social media posts, thumbnails, logos, interactive videos, etc.

Canva has pre-designed templates with custom options. Canva provides png, jpeg, and pdf files as a download option. 

Dropbox– Dropbox is a file hosting service just like Google Drive and Microsoft One-Drive. It stores your files in online storage that helps you access them from any device connected to the internet without transferring them to different devices. The free account of Dropbox provides 2GB of storage.

Gmail– The SaaS email service from Google. It allows to send and receive emails through its web and mobile app platforms. You get 15GB of total space in the free tier of Gmail, which is enough for an average user.

Netflix Netflix is an OTT giant that provides movie streaming services on a subscription basis. It is also under the SaaS category as it gives its services to the end-users on an online platform. The vendors and not the end-users do all the updates to the application and its server management.

Benefits of using SaaS Apps

Access from anywhere: When you opt for a SaaS application, it becomes very easy to access it from any place or device connected to the internet. Most SaaS applications are now mobile-first, i.e., the preference is given to mobile application versions. The desktop and web-based versions are also available for most SaaS applications.

No app management: The end-user doesn’t have to manage the application. If any fault occurs, then the official team will be responsible for rectifying it. In the case of mobile and desktop applications, the user has to update the application regularly. But it is not a concern if you turn on automatic updates.

Easy to use– SaaS application usage mostly depends on their User Interface. If the application is great but doesn’t have a good UI, the user won’t opt for it. So, primarily SaaS apps are very focused on user experience, making them easy to use.

Disadvantages of SaaS

Dependency on the Internet: The whole cloud computing experience depends on Internet availability. If you don’t have internet access, then there is no way to access your applications.

Loss of control: As an end-user, we don’t have any control over the application. We can only use the features provided by the vendor and nothing more.

Data Security: When we register for any SaaS application, then it takes personal data from us. This data needs to be in a secured database to avoid data leaks. There are instances in which companies sold their customer’s data. It possesses severe risks of privacy violations.


SaaS is the simplest cloud service model to use. No worries about servers or application management. Register yourself and start using the application. The web application versions help in low storage situations in your device, as you don’t want to install new applications.

Many popular Companies have taken their software online, like Microsoft Office Office 365 and Google Docs. It is proof of what people prefer nowadays.

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