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About Domain Authority Checker

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is developed or a product of MOZ. Domain Authority, short in DA, help you to find out the trust flow of the website. The Score start from 0% to 100%. A high score shows the popularity and quality of the website as per MOZ Guidelines. 

There is one more term which is PA (Page Authority). As the name suggests, it shows the score of Page Authority, the same as DA. So, DA is for Domain, and PA is particularly for Page. 

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How Domain Authority Tool Works?

To use this Domain Authority Checker tool, you need to copy (CTRL + C) or type any domain and paste (CTRL + V) into the empty text area and click on the "Submit" button. Within a few seconds, the DA checker tools show the Authority of Domain. If you want to check multiple domains, then paste the list of domains and the tool check and show DA of all Domains.

Benefits of Domain Authority Tool?

As I told you before, Domain Authority shows the trust flow of any website and works in SEO. Suppose your website got a backlink from the High Authority website, so your website reputation will increase. But again, this is just a tool by Moz.